“How do I start planning my trip?”

The quickest way to get the ball rolling on a fantastic trip to Wisconsin is to pick up the phone and call me. A short conversation will save us both time initially as I can quickly determine exactly what kind of trip you are looking for.

“Does my group have to be a certain size to use Wisconsin Golf Trips?”

No. I am set up to handle the larger groups, as well as the 2 or 3 foursomes looking to get away together. But I am also more than happy to help a golf couple or one golf foursome plan the perfect golf getaway to our great state.

“How early should I be booking a golf trip?”

Best case scenario? A year in advance gives you the chance to get tee times in place at the best rates possible. But six months in advance might be more realistic for most people.

“Can I arrange my own hotel or rental car?”

Absolutely. Wisconsin Golf Trips is a custom shop. If you have connections for any part of your trip, or points you want to redeem, etc., by all means you should take advantage of them. I am here to fill in the blanks and plan whatever it is you need planned for you.

“What is the weather like in Wisconsin?”

This is a tough one to answer.  My answer is: Wisconsin is a severe weather area.  It can be 70 in March or October, and 50 in July. You just never know. The only advice I can give you is don’t plan your trip around a certain part of the year based solely on what the weather will be like. It’s just not worth it because you can never bank on it. If you have a week in mind, you can use a weather history database to see what the weather has been like for that week in past years.  To use a database, click here…

“Can I save money coming to Wisconsin in the spring or the fall?”

The answer is an emphatic YES! And cost aside, I highly advise you to consider booking your trip in the “off-season” in Wisconsin, especially the fall. September and October at courses here are spectacular as the leaves start to change. If you enjoy scenery as part of your golf experience, definitely consider a fall trip to Wisconsin.

“What if I want to play a course not shown on your map as part of my trip?”

Chances are I have a relationship with them already, but if not I am more than happy to make any schedule you have in mind work. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have a course in mind or have heard about, we can easily add them to your trip.

“Won’t I save a bunch of money if I just handle all the details myself?”

Not necessarily. In many cases, I am able to offer the same price as you would find by booking yourself because of the discounts I receive as a third party operator. Normally my package works out to be a few dollars more, so would you rather handle all the details, or would you rather sit back and relax and let me handle all of the organizing?

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