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I made another great connection recently when I met Rory Spears, a golf writer and radio host from Chicago. Rory has extensive knowledge of the local golf market and agrees that the future of Wisconsin golf is extremely bright. After speaking with me, Rory took it upon himself to write a blog post about Wisconsin Golf Trips.  If you would like to see the original blog post, including images, click here.

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Golfers on Golf Radio in the studio at WSBC AM 1240 & WCFJ AM 1470. Standing L-R Mike Munro-Ed Stevenson. Seated L-R Rory Spears-Bill Berger

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Who takes you to all of these Wisconsin Golf Destinations and more, meet Jason Kauflin at The first Wisconsin golf trip operator of America’s Dairyland. Kauflin will have you believing that Wisconsin, is the new Myrtle Beach of the Midwest.

Every once and a while somebody gets an idea that just seems like it makes sense. Yes maybe this one will just work.

Meet Jason Kauflin a Milwaukee area resident with a plan, it’s not a new plan really, but what he’s selling just might be something a little new.

There are golf tour operators across the globe, but most of them want to take you to the same destinations. Scotland and Ireland have plenty of tour operators, so does Australia and the Far East. Around the USA how about a trip to Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes and or Pinehurst, yep there are a few of those people out there as well.

You see Kauflin wants to sell you Wisconsin, yes Wisconsin. You know the place, cold snowy winters, shorter golf seasons in some years. But really nice in the summer, with more championship destinations of late than almost any place else, other than the over used New York City area.

In recent years and for years to come, the USGA, PGA, LPGA and the Champions Tour are wearing out Wisconsin. The U.S. Open will be near Milwaukee next June and the Ryder Cup hit’s the Kohler area in 2020. What more can a golf fan ask for.

Sand Valley Golf Resort is something golfers can ask for, and thanks to Mike Keiser and his group of founders it now exists. Throw in Sentry World, the Lake Geneva Area, the Bull at Pinehurst Farms designed by the Greatest Golfer of All Time Jack Nicklaus, and Wisconsin has plenty to offer, and Kauflin will make sure you see as much of Wisconsin as you would like to see. summer is just six months away.

What’s that song say. On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin Yes it’s time to get on to Wisconsin.