Thornberry Creek at Oneida

Thornberry Creek at Oneida is the latest Wisconsin golf course to bring in a big-time, professional event to the state.  The LPGA is coming to town for its inaugural event at Thornberry Creek in July of 2017, and the course is definitely getting ready.  During my day at Thornberry, I was able to see the parking lot and driving range expansion that is presently under construction, and I heard a little about how they are re-doing the locker room set up to host the world’s best female golfers next year.  I think with the course layout, it will be a good venue to host this kind of event and I hope to volunteer at some point.

Thornberry Creek Golf Course Bag with Sign

The first thing that I noticed when pulling in to Thornberry Creek is the ease of the bag drop area.  There is no mystery on where to pull up, and if you decide to park because you see a spot close to the clubhouse, one of the staff will probably see you and pull a cart up to your car.  A small bit of service, but a great first impression.  Then, unlike some facilities, the Pro Shop is plain as day, it is the door staring you in the face as you go by the club drop area.  Why does this have to be so hard at some courses?  I checked in with the very helpful staff and went out to begin my day.  I was paired up with a very nice gentleman from Arizona and the starter led us down to the first tee area where we received our instructions.  The only negative I faced was not much warm up time.  There was a break in the tee sheets and me and my new golfing partner decided to take it.  It was a brutal opening hole, but soon I found my game and was enjoying the day.

Thornberry Creek Golf Course Hole 1 Tee

After some very intimdating, tree-lined, opening holes, the course opens up into one of the most beautiful golf communities in the area.  There are beautiful houses, well-manicured lawns, and some great views.  For someone who doesn’t always hit the ball straight, the more open design of the middle stretch of holes was very welcome.  You could miss a drive here or there and not put yourself in too much trouble.  Don’t get me wrong though, there are a few holes where you have to bear down and hit a drive to a certain spot, or at least hit it solid in the fairway.  Water comes in to play on a number of holes, and the par 3 holes all have pretty decent length to them.  But I found just about every hole very fair.  The green complexes were not outrageous and didn’t have insane humps and bumps to contend with.

Thornberry Creek Golf Course Hole 15 Tee

Arguably one of the most memorable things about Thornberry Creek at Oneida is the clubhouse.  What a building!  The restaurant and bar area is an open concept design,and there are some awesome views of the course from the outdoor patio area.  The bar area itself rivals most sports bars around and is the perfect spot to unwind after the round.  During your next round at Thornberry Creek, eating at the restaurant before or after (or both) your round is a must!

Thornberry Creek Golf Course Bar

Wisconsin Golf Trips is very big on offering a true “Wisconsin Experience” when you are visiting our state.  I can think of no greater day than to drive up to Green Bay, go on the Lambeau Field Stadium Tour, and enjoy and afternoon at Thornberry Creek at Oneida.  To see my entire gallery of photos from Thornberry, click here